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Hunger Games 3: Why do we love this saga?

The Hunger Games saga is one of the most famous movie series for movie fans. People like to watch the Hunger Games movies. Today we are going to present some points why we love this saga. Visit this link for free movies online.

A fantastic story but one that is believed

“The games of hunger” do you say? An arena where 24 people kill each other in front of millions of people who enjoy the show? It sounds surrealist said like that. And yet, this is the originality of the film Hunger Games, this traditional custom morbid, as well as the chaotic situation and inequalities between districts. Yet, if it seems terribly far from our way of life, we can easily project ourselves into the reality of Hunger Games. Reality TV is becoming more and more important in our lives; Inequalities and injustices make us react less and less, out of fear or simply because of the indifference of the world around us. Revolutions are multiplying all around the globe and violence too. Finally, sometimes fiction is not so far from reality …

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A film that launched the trend

Remember, before Hunger Games, the typical saga of teens, it was Twilight and his stories with rosewater. And if we dig deeper, Harry Potter and, even if we love, level realism and identification of characters, we knew better. With Hunger Games, we cross a course, where the characters and the plot are more realistic. The story is more captivating, which explains its success with young and old. Exit gnangnan stories and oyster IQ characters, Hunger Games captivates the viewer from end to end! And the success of Hunger Games in the cinema has given ideas to some, launching the fashion of dystopias in the cinema.

The adaptation of the books is very successful

We first devoured Suzanne Collins’ books before discovering the film adaptation of Hunger Games. If we were afraid that the original work took a shot on the big screen, we were pleasantly surprised, because the transition from one to the other is a real success! The heroine, the dialogues, the sets, everything seems out of the book, so much so that some reproach the film to be too close to the book. On the contrary, we find on the screen all that we imagine in the books of Suzanne Collins, all that attracted us on glossy paper

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