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Popularity of Centrophenoxine Capsules – Getting More Details

Most of the nootropics that influence cognitive abilities and memory are cholinergics that are one kind of drugs that will interact with the brain system. Centrophenoxine is the modern cholinergic compounds, which is growing in the popularity within nootropics community. Centrophenoxine is mainly used as the prodrug or precursor for DMAE that helps to improve the cognitive abilities in elderly. Even though primary use for the centrophenoxine supplement is with the senile dementia & Alzheimer’s patients, lots of young adults may see benefits by using this drug. Beyond memory & cognitive enhancement, this supplement is considered as the neuroprotective agent, and helps to improve the stimulation in a few studies, and is also thought to be the anti-aging tool, which increases the life spans 30 to 50%.

Advantages of Centrophenoxine

Primary centrophenoxine capsules benefit is it acts as the prodrug for DMAE. The molecule is mainly useful in reducing some molecules, which buildups in brain with time and decreases cognitive function. Just by removing such molecules, elderly will not just halt the signs of anti-aging, but will actively reverse it. Centrophenoxine supplement is the readily absorbed DMAE version that makes it very useful for improving the cognition. The studies recommend the drug will help to treat the condition of dementia and increase the cognitive skills over eight weeks. One more study on the DMAE showed certain improvement in the Alzheimer’s patients, although results weren’t very significant.

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Centrophenoxine Side Effects

Like with many nootropic supplements, there’re always some risks doesn’t matter how much helpful. Centrophenoxine side effects are quite rare and are considered very safe; however there are a few rare issues to know. Some people will experience restlessness, insomnia, and dizziness. These are related to timing of the consumption. Obviously, like with many cholinergics, there’s the possibility for headache related to the acetylcholine metabolism in your brain. Lastly, females of the child bearing age must avoid DMAE & centrophenoxine because of teratogenic effects that are the birth defects among infants.

Dosage of Centrophenoxine

Typical centrophenoxine dosage will be 250 mg, but number of doses daily may depend on age & goals. For the elderly looking for the therapeutic and the neuroprotective benefits, three to six doses of around 250mg is normally very useful. In case of the younger people seeking for enhancement, 1 to 3 doses of 250mg is sufficient to see the positive results.

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