A third eye on your body

Nature enthusiasts will always love to immerse in the scenicbeauty of the particular space and they do not love to carry any kind of cameras to shoot the view. The major reason is that you cannot manage to enjoy the place and at the same time record everything that is happening around you. However, there is no need to worry about the recording part as technology helps those individuals. You can enjoy the place and without any kind of efforta camera mounted on your body does the recording for you.

Smart people use smart devices

It may sound strange for somebody while hearing about the body mounted recording devices during a holiday vacation but they are very useful in various ways. If you are a biker then you cannot drive the vehicle and at the same time record your journey. Some people use their friends sitting behind them in the bike to record the roadsides using a handy cam. Nevertheless, it is not an ethical decision to make your friend record for you because he also needs to be a traveller and he has to do his own part. In this case, the video camera mounted on a helmet can save more time for both of you and all your friends back home can enjoy the video recording with absolute quality. If you are not aware of the salientfeatures of this video recorder then let me pose you various advantages of the smart wearable video recorder.

Features of smart camera

  • This camera has a strong base that can connected with any object like your helmet or in any broad space of your bike. You can also mount those cameras with any stiff clothes if you would like to do so. Therefore, it can capture the entire scene without fail and the safety of the device is ensured by proper connectivity.
  • It has anaccelerationsensor, which helps the camera to automatically on or off itself according to the movement. Whenever you are not moving the camera is not going to record anything thus saving power.
  • It can also have a 180-degree rotational space to record the broad canvas present before it.
  • They provide a resolution of 15fps and in the recent models, you can see a 4K definition and it can support a 16-mega pixel shoot.
  • You can connect these devices with your smartphones or tablets ensuring easy sharing.

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