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Acuvue Moist Daily Offer Versatility for All Lens Wearers

Breakthroughs in Contacts have been increasing in the past generation. Gone are the days of worrying about misplacing a contact lens and having to pay hundreds of dollars to get a new set of lenses. Nowadays, contact lenses are supposed to be affordable and readily replaceable, minimizing the cost of damage or loss. Acuvue contact lenses are among the most popular brands of contact lenses for daily wear disposables, color lenses and even bifocal contact lenses. With regard to all day Use, Acuvue contact lenses are among the perfect choices on the lens industry. Basically, the engineering that is used in Acuvue contact lenses is state-of-the-art.

Among the most popular Lines of lenses Acuvue supplies are the Oasys line. With this lens type, a normal wearer will wear one pair of lenses for approximately two weeks, just removing them to wash them daily, then a new pair is placed in. From the Oasys lens line, you will find connections for near and farsightedness, in addition to options for astigmatism. These Acuvue contacts provide stability zones to be sure the lens does not rotate, and another line for presbyopia, providing balanced, stereo vision.

contact len lotion

Acuvue also delivers a Lineup of daily disposable lenses. Constructed with an extremely breathable silicone gel material, these lenses do not need to be washed; they may be disposed of at the end of every day. Also available is the acuvue moist daily contact, great for people who experience dry eyes and allergies. A recently developed Offering, which offers more comfort and immediately wearing is your Acuvue 2 series. Additionally, they may be worn for 6 consecutive nights prior to a needing replacement. Consulting with an eye care professional is obviously necessary, however, the Acuvue 2 line enables maximum flexibility.

Included in the Acuvue 2 contact lens lineup are color contacts also. Readily available in 10 exciting colors, Acuvue 2 Colours contact lenses will add a natural looking burst of colour to improve your typical eye color, or provide you something fresh and different. Acuvue also offers a bifocal contact lens, allowing for sharp vision near and far. Five invisible, concentric regions on the lens provide incredible, clear vision for men and women that believed eye glasses were their very best option. Every one of Acuvue’s Lenses offer UV protection and are lightly tinted, so that they may be easily Seen from the lens container or if lost.

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