Best Air Hammer Guide 2018 for Beginner

Rapid innovation of engineering technology creates a breakthrough in every side of life. Nowadays you can do everything in faster and easier way. Tool and equipment technology, for example, it made a remarkable achievement in the development of speed and strength. One of advance technology tool is air hammer. There is a lot of variation of an air hammer, from a small size up to a big size which is created for different purposes. Sometimes it is difficult for you to choose the best one for you. Thus in this air hammer guide 2018 will review some criteria in air hammer function, so by this information, you can choose which one is the best air hammer that meets your workload condition.

There are four major criteria; power, barrel length, tank size, and trigger. Choose each factor that suitable to your workload, and get it in high value. Then you can also do comparison for some air hammer to see if you have all the features you required.

  1. Power

It is the first factor recommended by air hammer guideline 2018 which has the unit measured as blows-per-minute or revolutions per minute (RPM). The higher the number is then the bigger the power should be. For example, the air hammer with 3300 RPM would have a better speed than 2600 RPM. Higher RPM needs for heavy duty project for example in the industrial, off-road, or automotive application. Meanwhile, lower RPM need for a lightweight project, for example, in-house renovation project.

  1. Barrel Length

There is three option of barrel length; short, medium and long. The short length is used for light workload; meanwhile, the long barrel is used for the super-duty workload. Barrel functioned as a media for air pressure and transferred the strength to create more power. You can have a variety of materials from aluminum to alloyed steel, some feature also included with vibrate absorbent.

  1. Tank Size

The size of tank correlated with barrel length. It will work to give air compression factor in an air hammer. The compression factor is indicated by Pressure per Square Inch or PSI. Medium air hammer duty will have about 90 PSI to do the work. Less PSI number means that less compression pressure for a lighter workload.

  1. Trigger

It is the last important criteria to have. It is recommended to have triggered in a positive action way. By having this feature means that you have a control in your movement, hence giving you more precise work. Not all air hammer product have this positive trigger function. Air hammer without this function is still going to work but with less precise result.

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