Jewelry and Its Worth: Why is it valuable?

If you ask a woman what makes jewelry so valuable, you’ll get different answers. You’ll most probably encounter answers based on the monetary price of the piece, while some believe that it’s the sentimental value attached to it that’s more important.

What’s the first thing that you take note of when you enter a jewelry shop? It will most probably be the cost of the piece. Right then and there, you already know that jewelry is valuable. Jewelry comes from precious metals and its prices are based on the weight, cut, and color of the materials, among others.

Purity of Material/Metal:

You’ll definitely notice a much higher price when talking about purity. Pure silver or pure gold will always cost way more than their counterparts; simply because of their characteristics. Pure metal will never fade or tarnish, so it’s safe to say that it will last forever, it may even outlive you. To make it affordable, jewelry shops will add copper or nickel; although this will enhance the color and beauty of pure metals, the tendency that it will lose its shine and luster is quite high, too.

Rarity of Material:

Diamondsare very rare finds. Hence, it will cost you more than other pieces of jewelry in a shop. Depending on the condition of the jewelry, you’ll find pieces that will be more expensive than other primarily because it’s hard to acquire. Aside from diamonds, there are also gemstones that are considered rare and expensive. Check out Palm Springs jewelry to find exceptional pieces of jewelry.

Durability of Material:

Anything that looks good will catch the eye of a buyer. This definitely applies to jewelry. When you see cut and color that’s beautiful, you’ll most likely approach the window and check it out. Jewelry is durable because of the added metals that were incorporated into it. This is usually done to add a design or lower the weight and make it affordable. Fine gold, for instance, will be more prone to breakage due to its fragility but once another type of metal is incorporated, it becomes strong and durable.

People have always been in awe of the shine and sparkle of jewelry. Different cultures have different takes on the value of jewelry but mostly, it’s something that’s worth more than anything in the world. The value of one piece of jewelry depends on the material used including the color, cut and clarity but it’s also safe to say that jewelry is valued not only because of the price but also of the memory and sentimental worth that it brings to anyone who wears it.

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