bouncers in cricket

Bouncers are utilized to drive the batsman back on to his back foot on the off chance that he has been unreservedly playing front foot scoring shots, for example, drives. To this end, bouncers doing ๋จนํŠ€ are normally coordinated pretty much at the line of the batsman’s body. Going for the batsman is legitimate given the ball ricochets on the pitch; or after arriving at the batsman, the ball is beneath the batsman’s abdomen. Going for the batsman’s head without ricocheting on the pitch, known as a beamer, is unlawful.

  • A batsman may play a bouncer in either a cautious or an assaulting way. On the off chance that the batsman plays it protectively he points basically to abstain from getting out, and optionally to abstain from being hit by the ball. For a head-high bouncer, these objectives are accomplished most effectively by dodging under the ball. On the off chance that the ball is at chest stature, the batsman’s best resistance is to proceed onward to his back foot, raise his bat vertically to chest tallness, and endeavor to hinder the ball and direct it downwards to the pitch to abstain from exhibiting a catch to a defender.bouncers in cricket
  • In some cases the batsman should bounce into the air to pick up the fundamental stature to guard with the bat. He may likewise influence off the beaten path. Given these methodologies, the bowler can would like to both threaten the batsman to some degree, and perhaps have the ball avoid off the bat at a clumsy edge and produce a catch for a close by defender.
  • Defying of this guideline can prompt “bouncer wars” โ€“ that is, the focused on bowler participating in retaliatory unfriendly short-pitched bowling at his rival during the accompanying innings.

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