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Bit coin Accept as International currency

With this currency, you can travel abroad without having to waste time exchanging currency at the airport or local exchange houses. Bit coin works all over the world, except in some countries with totalitarian regimes that have their own crypto currency.

Although, as we say, the change is not necessary, whenever you want you can convert them to the traditional currency you want. In addition, they can be purchased with any of them.

online bettingSafety is one of its main attractions

Bit coin has an advanced encryption system with which counterfeiting is practically impossible. In addition, transactions are under a pseudonym and, therefore, it is not mandatory to reveal the identity of the parties.

Decentralized currency

This currency has in its decentralization one of its main features. It is not run by any state or financial power and that allows independence that many users appreciate.

In addition, this detail ensures that you are the only person who manages your money. Therefore, if you have a bad streak, your accounts will not freeze.


That a trade includes news is very well seen by the target audience. The more technologies and improvements you provide, the more the customer will value and the more you will visit. 1 Bitcoin makes a business make a difference.

Without human failures

There will be no errors of any kind when verifying payments, as it is done automatically and quickly.

Very agile transactions

The transactions are made between individuals and these are very fast – almost immediate – and very cheap since, among other reasons, you avoid banking commissions.

You can always know its real value

The portals specialized in crypto currencies publish the price of the currency at all times 24 hours a day. This is based on supply and demand and, therefore, the more people use bitcoin, the higher it will go up.


Of course, bit coin also has a number of disadvantages that make some people fail to trust this digital currency. Below, you will find the main ones:

Investing in bit coin can be a risk

As in any investment, you can win or lose. Of course, the volatility in bit coin is very significant and you can go from success to failure in a very short time. Anyway, many people have benefited from this activity and the trend, in general, is positive.  How is it invested? For the most used form is as simple as  buying bit coin with the hope that the value of this increases.

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