renting a professional vehicle

Renting a car for a short time and insurance

For the next holidays, you plan to rent a car from a professional rental? To leave with peace of mind, consider taking stock  หา รถ ตู้ เช่า เชียงราย of insurance.

Insurance generally included in the lease

Compulsory liability insurance

By renting a car, the tenant is covered by civil liability insurance contracted by the renter. This insurance, compulsory for driving a vehicle, covers the material or bodily injury that the driver may cause to his passengers or to third parties. This insurance operates abroad ราคา เช่า รถ ที่ เชียงราย in countries not specifically excluded from the green card.

Other insurance that may be included in the lease

The lease may include other insurance also underwritten by the lesser and covering for example theft or attempted theft of the vehicle, fire, and damage to the rented vehicle.


renting a professional vehicle

The rental agreement generally provides for a deductible, that is to say, an amount payable by the lessee, if the rented car is damaged or stolen. The amount of the deductible, which may be significant, is set in the rental agreement and varies by car category and rental company. This deductible also depends on the driver’s responsibility for the origin of the damage: The tenant is the victim of an accident: if the responsibility for damages is attributed to an identified third party, the tenant has no deductible to pay.

The tenant is partially or totally liable for damages: the tenant must pay the deductible indicated in the rental agreement.

The additional guarantees offered to the tenant

Driver’s insurance: Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) or Super PAI

This insurance can be declined with more or less extensive guarantees. It concerns, in particular, the bodily injury and the death of the occupants of the rented vehicle, the emergency medical expenses, the assistance 24/24, the loss, the theft and the damage caused to the luggage and personal effects inside the vehicle, replacement costs of keys and locks.

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