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Why Dash Cryptocurrency puts BTC to shame

Cryptocurrencies are currently in rage, particularly in other countries. Probably you come across other headlines that highlight impressive percentage such as bitcoin price coins. You may wonder where these values are deriving from. The facts are that right isn’t practical, but mainly it’s due to the time it takes to finish the entire transaction.

Dash digital cash

Based on convenience, the dash remains at the top of the game. Currently, the transacting with bitcoin takes nearly 10 minutes, an hour averagely. So, the dash is dominating as the primary cryptocurrency that can instantly be transferred within a second between two parties. Thus makes it more efficient as far as buying commodities online or at the shop is concerned.

Dash breakthrough

So far, Dash is being used in more than 300 stores and more than 100 websites to buy goods and services. But its breakthrough might have due to the marijuana industry.  However, since marijuana is an illegal product in most countries, banks are not permitted to make any transaction associated with marijuana. So, all the transaction must be executed in cash money.

However, cash transaction not only exposes dangers being robbed, but the companies have to pay for the storage of cash payment and transportation. Dash usage can balky for the sellers, but it also means bigger things for Dash price. However, encouraging news is that lately, it started making tremendous progress.

The beginning of Bitcoin and dash transaction

Under a market cap of $4.8 billion related to $156 billion bitcoin, it’s believed that Dash has multiple chances to improve and move forward. Marijuana Company is the backbone for Dash currency; in 2016, the legal sales were nearly $7 billion. $46billion estimation sales were made in the black market. Many stores are being opened, and soon marijuana will become legal in many states.

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