Tips for playing pokemon go

Tips for playing pokemon go

In current trend, almost all the people are showing interest in playing the mobile games. In order to satisfy them, many games are introduced in the play store. But unfortunately not all the games are more successful as they sound to be. Only certain games like pokemon go have attained greater success rate. This is a challenging game where the gamers are supposed to face more challenges when compared to other games. The gamers who are playing this game for the first time may have various hassles in their mind. Some of the most interesting tips that can help the gamers to a greater extent are revealed in this article.

Tips for playing pokemon go

Be comfortable

The first and foremost tip that is to be noted by the gamers is they must sit in the most comfortable position for playing this game. It is to be noted that the game involves GPS system. Hence the movement made by the player may affect the game to a greater extent. The gamers can set everything ready and can sit in the most comfortable position before starting the game. This will be a great trick for playing the game in the most effective way.

Use incubators

One of the most common mistakes made by many gamers is they will not use the incubators wisely. But using it wisely is more important in order to win the game. With the help of incubators, the eggs can be hatched. The other important thing is the gamers should not use it for the eggs with long distance. It is always better to use them for the eggs that are with 2kms. There are also options through which the gamers can get it from the shop. The gamers can make sure to handle it according to their game.

AR mode

Many players will prefer to play the AR mode as this is highly filled with fun. But one must remember that even though this mode is funnier than they sound to be, one can avoid playing in this mode. This mode is to be played in the real time environment and this is highly concerned with the safety aspects of the players. Especially the beginners can avoid playing in this mode as they may get trapped easily when compared to the experienced players. Even in case if they have done any mistake and if their account is banned they can buy pokemon go accounts and can enjoy their game play at its best.


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