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What Is the Role of House Manager?

You may have heard about the term House or Property Manager earlier, but it is one of the highly confusing roles for you to understand. House Manager will mean different things for the different households, thus what exactly is the House Manager will be tough to describe. But, there are many general duties and tasks that are found in професионален домоуправител цени софия role.

What is House Manager?

Many clients now are looking for not just the Housekeeper or Butler. But, for somebody who will manage the household completely. House Manager can be an only member of the staff in the smaller household. Or they will be totally in charge of many other household staff.


Role of the House Manager will be very different. It varies depending on a client and the household. General responsibilities of a House Manager will be

  • Overseeing smooth running of a house
  • Ensuring general upkeep & maintenance of a property

Also, House Manager might supervise many other household staff. To ensure that their work is of high standard and comes with general administration & managing budgets, liaising with the contractors.

Typical Responsibilities

They will have several responsibilities and will differ a lot. It is mainly depending on a type & size of property that they manage. Some of the typical duties will include:

house manager

  • Managing staff members
  • To ensure every houses or grounds run smoothly every time
  • Training staff members
  • Organizing & liaising with the outside contractors
  • Ensuring property is safe
  • Organizing & overseeing property
  • Greeting & caring for the visitors and guests
  • Organizing household events
  • Chauffeur duties
  • Serving food and drinks
  • Running errands & shopping
  • Taking complete responsibility for your household inventory and ensuring supplies are replenished
  • Answer telephone & door
  • Charge of budgets of every household
  • Arrange various aspects of moving home if a client is moving
  • Packing luggage
  • Make travel & holiday arrangements
  • Maintain proper records where required
  • Recruit & interview for the new staff


The House Managers experience totally depends over how long they are working in this field, and size and type of properties that they have worked at. They might ay have experience of working as the domestic staff member (this can be as Butler and Housekeeper or more.).  If you are totally new to House Manager Service, or staff, this website will help you to get started.

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