What you can do in YouTube application?

What you can do in YouTube application?

Smart phone is also an excellent invention and without internet connectivity, owning a smart phone is not worth at all. Internet is the best technology so far that attracts people of all age groups and now we cannot even imagine a life without an internet connection. We can say that using internet connection; people are living a better life nowadays than ever before.

There are several smart devices that we can come across in our day to day life like, laptops, tablets and more. Whatever devices you have or use, there are several built in applications that you can find in each device. You can also install several applications from the play store to be downloaded into your device.

One of the best applications from them is the YouTube and using this app, individuals can learn about so many things. It is a video sharing application and in this people can watch videos, like, share and comment on those things. Even one has the ability to upload their videos on this application.

What you can do in YouTube application?

In this application, YouTube users will be able to search for some videos that they want to watch. When they find out the right video that they are wishing to see, they can watch it out by clicking on it. One can even create a personal YouTube channel and upload all their videos that they are making to share to other people.

If you are not interested to post any video on this application, you can like, comment or share the videos that are uploaded on the YouTube applications by other YouTubers. When you are exploring this application, you can find several YouTube stars like bald and bankrupt who used to own a channel. There are some stars in this application that are more famous and people will enjoy all those videos that they can find on their channels.

When you like a specific YouTuber and want to get all the videos that he or she posting on his or her channel, all you need to do is subscribe the particular channel. Once you have subscribed a specific channel, your feed will show you the videos from the channel. When you want immediate notifications when a video is posted, you have to click on the bell icon on that channel.

YouTube stars would have created playlists for their videos in order to organize and group them together. When you play a video from the playlist, after it is completed, another video from the playlist will start playing after the other. These videos are about anything and you can search for a precise topic, the list of videos related to that topic will be displayed and you can choose on from them.

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