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WhatsApp Business Features to Look at

With new WhatsApp API, WhatsApp also provides the bigger companies an opportunity to contact the customers streaight over WhatsApp. WhatsApp does not support advertising, but provides more possibilities in messenger customer service world.

WhatsApp Business Features

With an official Whatsapp Business API launch at a beginning of the year, first WhatsApp opened up for the business use. This app offered the small businesses the official tool by which they can get in touch with the customers.

The verified accounts, pre-set answers, fast replies, automatic away messages as well as welcome messages, and company information like opening hours or contact info, as well as labels for various kinds of the customers – it was a range of first WhatsApp Business feature.

For big companies use, though, some important features were missing: role management, user management, targeting, ticket systems, as well as APIs for the current systems. In addition, WhatsApp Business did not offer for the solution for the topics that are necessary for the big companies. The whole data protection conversation generally fell in the missing category, and upfront consulting & customer service.

WhatsApp API for partners & customers

Since WhatsApp has recently announced, there now will be the API by which WhatsApp users will be able to contact the businesses. At present, Facebook offspring is offering the interface to many verified partners & selected companies. So, to contact and getting contacted by a company, the WhatsApp users may need to consent to communication, and fulfilling GDPR requirements.

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