scent marketing for offices

Different types of scent marketing

Scent marketing is the new strategy used by different businesses to market their items to customers. They spread the sent smell around the product which makes the customer stop and looks at the product. Here the marketers are trying to hit the smell sense of the humans. This is the same as visual ads where the customer sees the ads and makes a perception about the product here the marketers try to catch the sense of eyes. scent marketing for offices does much more than scattering the scent in the air, there are different ways that marketers can use scent in their marketing style. We will discuss some of them below.

  • Ambient scent marketing: This marketing type is in no way related to your brand but it focuses on the fresh atmosphere with the delicate smell. It gives a warm welcoming feel to the customers. Mostly used by the hotels and restaurants to give a pleasant experience to their guests.
  • Signature scent marketing: These are the scents that are associated with the brand. It is specific to the brand to make the customer remember the brand through the smell. They want that their customer should remember their brand whenever they smell the signature scent.
  • Packaging scent marketing: this something different than the other marketing strategies. It is used by online businesses you might be thinking about how smell can affect the business when the customer does not visit the store. This strategy is used in packaging for example they use scented packaging for soaps so that the customer can get the smell through the package itself.
  • Thematic scents: Nowadays we see everything as some theme like the store decoration, product, etc. In the same way, the scent also differs for each place for example you would not like to smell pizza when you enter the apparel store. In apparel stores, the thematic scent should be feminine for ladies and masculine scent for men.


Hope this information will help you to choose the correct scent according to your business need.

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