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Best Halal food delivery

Everyone looks for the most effective halal stores in Singapore. Based on our entries, it’s time to compile a list of the best halal restaurants.

More and more restaurants in Singapore are switching to halal to cater to their Muslim counterparts. There is no shortage of halal food delivery on this small island, with many halal restaurants. Here you will find the most comprehensive information on the most effective Muslim-friendly foods this small country has to offer, including those that are MUIS Halal certified, halal-friendly and Muslim-owned.

But first, what is halal? According to the Muslim Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)

Halal is the Arabic word for the legality or acceptability of something. If a product or drink falls into this category, it is safe to consume. Most foods are considered halal as long as they are not explicitly forbidden or prohibited in the Qur’an (the divine guidelines of Islam) or the Sunnah (the sayings of the Prophet).

So what is non-halal?

The term “non-halal” is historically referred to as “haram”, which means illegal or unacceptable. Indeed, this name implies the prohibition of consuming foods and beverages that are classified as non-halal. In general, any dangerous food is non-halal. For example, meat from unnecessary animals and birds, pork, poisonous drugs and alcoholic beverages.

  • MUIS Halal certified restaurants use halal ingredients and do not serve alcohol, neither in drinks nor in food. The restaurant chain wants to use MUIS Halal certification in all of its restaurants. This means that even if one restaurant is MUIS Halal certified, another restaurant in the same restaurant chain will not be certified.
  • Halal-friendly restaurants are those that serve halal food and halal ingredients, and may also serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Muslim-owned and operated restaurants are, as the name implies, restaurants owned by Muslims. It is recognized that these Muslim owners should only be responsible for providing their customers with halal food and beverages that they themselves do not know.

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