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Greenwood Fish Market are true seafood connoisseurs at heart, best seafood supplier singapore. They want to share with you a taste of the enchantment that is fresh seafood coupled with the highest level of culinary artistry available.Greenwood Fish Market is a fish store and restaurant in Greenwood, South Carolina that prides itself on the superior quality and diversity of its seafood. The passionate staff strives to bring fresh seafood to your kitchen, as well as prepared fish to your dining room table!

These items are available for purchase at the wholesale seafood market, or they may be ordered as take-out at the restaurant. Better better, let them come to you. Check out the products in the online catalog and take advantage of the islandwide delivery services to have some delicious fresh seafood delivered directly to your door!

It’s difficult to ignore the clamoring for seafood. When it’s fresh, it’s delicious, and its particular flavor profile emanates the different textures and flavors of the ocean. It’s also a well-loved component that can be found in several cuisines. Fresh fish is not difficult to get by in Singapore, which is a blessing. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your fresh fish and a seafood raw (think sashimi or lightly steamed, Chinese-style) or with a punch of funky flavors, this foolproof list of seafood delivery restaurants will have you peeling prawns, de-shelling crab, and nourishing your seafood-loving soul in the comfort of your own home. And, yes, it means chili crab and seafood plate delivery across the island!

Greenwood Fish Market is a restaurant

Enjoy sophisticated Western, Asian, and Japanese cuisine prepared with the same fresh seafood that you’ve come to expect and enjoy at other restaurants. Finish it off with a fresh glass of wine and a breathtaking view of the ocean, and your seafood dining experience is complete. Let them take you on an amazing seafood culinary experience when you visit.


If you prefer your seafood cold (almost as if you just pulled the prawn out of the water), you’ll want to order the Cold Seafood Platter to satisfy your need. Steamed 12 Boston Lobster, Marinated Swordfish Belly, Freshly Shucked Oysters, Salmon Sashimi, New Zealand Littleneck Clams, Cooked Live Tiger Prawns, and In-House Applewood Cold Smoked Salmon with Spanish Onions are among the seafood selections on the menu. Essentially, it is a seafood buffet with the freshest seafood available in town.

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