Connective tissue massage and neurological problems

More and more people are wondering if this treatment can somehow help improve our tactile perceptions and the following ailments:




pain caused by injury or compression of the nerves

The aforementioned problems increasingly frequent in the population.

Here is that the connective tissue massage can certainly improve these sensations by relieving nerve compression. The nerves are the basis of our sensations; a compressed nerve is a serious problem that, of course, must be treated with the aid of medicine and, possibly, with the help of ad hoc drugs. However, there is no question: manipulation definitely helps spa in San Antonio, TX.

During a massage, as we have seen, it tends to improve blood flow , with an increased supply of blood and oxygen. This situation tends to increase the temperature inside the nerves that are inflamed or, in some way, affected by joint stiffness and muscle tension due to damage to the neurological system.

The connective tissue massage is also very suitable for those who practice sports and is an excellent natural remedy capable of bringing relief even for all those who tend to accumulate daily stress , especially in the cervical tract. The data speak for themselves and denounce the increase in cases of pain in the neck and shoulders, especially in the upper part.

This may be due to poor joint function accompanied by muscle spasm. Well, the connective tissue massage intervenes precisely on these areas, guaranteeing greater joint mobility, at the same time increasing the vascularization of the tissues.

However, a professional masseur who performs this technique is required to know the connections between the various skin areas well and must also have exact knowledge of the typical mechanisms of the somatic nervous system, therefore, of the various problems that can affect the internal organs. It is well understood how important his intervention is in terms of the success of the manipulation.

The technique underlying the connective tissue massage is based on palpation of the back , which also allows you to detect if there are any alterations in the skin tissue, such as swelling or atrophy. The typical movements of this type of treatment, based on tractions and pressures, are then exercised, all with the help of the fingertips, in order to gradually increase the intensity.

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