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The need for Greener Cleaning Methods

Cleaning, sanitization, disinfection- these three words have become the norm for us in the past couple of years. It has become imperative that we keep our home and commercial spaces clean and disinfected. With hospitals and healthcare facilities, the responsibility for cleanliness is manifold. Hospitals need to be constantly cleaned and every nook and corner disinfected. Hospitals already have a lot on their shoulders, leave the cleaning to professionals and hire healthcare cleaning services in Palm Beach, FL.

But before hiring healthcare services, ensure that they take up eco-friendly practices. Cleaning and Eco-friendly- you can’t find a relation, well here is why you should.

Harmful Effects of Traditional Cleaning practices

If you are wondering how cleaning could affect the environment, here is how.

The chemicals used for cleaning are harsh and toxic. They are abrasive and let out harmful fumes. This could affect the health of patients with breathing problems. The disinfectants that contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are highly corrosive and dangerous to the environment.

Traditional methods generate lots of waste. With use-and-throw gloves, rags, and the packaging materials of disinfectant chemicals being usually plastic, they are non-biodegradable and end up in trash mounds and landfills.

Mopping around large areas like hospitals with water buckets and mops is not an easy task. Excess water should be drained well before it leaves a stain or makes the place slippery. It is a laborious job and could take a toll on the workers’ spine health.

How to Adapt to eco-friendly practices?

Eco-friendly practices do not mean a compromise on safety. These products are equally effective in disinfection. They are devoid of harmful chemicals that give toxic fumes.

Usage of reusable materials instead of use-and-throw items, lesser the waste, the better product is for the environment.

Microfiber mops are easy to clean and easy to use. It also uses less amount of water, hence saving work and water.


Such small practices could go a long way in helping the environment and humankind. When you need not compromise on quality, why shouldn’t you opt for greener practices and do your part for nature?

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