How To Get A Study Permit In Vancouver?

While people may say to wait for opportunities to come knocking at your door, the best way to seize any opportunity is to find it yourself without waiting forever for one to arrive at your door. Such should also be followed by those aiming to study abroad — especially in Canada. The best way to do so is by applying for a study permit in Vancouver through immigration agencies.

A study permit is one of the easiest ways to get a visa for Canada while also ensuring the validity of one’s stay. However, there are some particular requirements to be fulfilled if one aims to get a study permit for Canada — it also has some reasonable restrictions that not everyone is familiar with.

What is a study permit?

In a nutshell, a study permit is a way to get a student visa that qualifies one for temporary residence in Canada for study purposes. It is an authorisation issued by the visa officials that acknowledge the foreign student and their acceptance into an academic institution in Canada with valid documents. It is one of the mandatory requirements to get a student visa for the said nation.


To apply for a study permit, one needs to submit the acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI), which can be an academic institution in Canada, let it be a school, college, university, etc. This letter should also specify the place of study, its duration and the tuition fee structure for its legitimacy. Another reason for showing the tuition fees is to ensure that their student or their family would be able to pay such fees and not quit the studies mid-way through while staying in Canada. That would result in their visa being void and their removal from the nation.

Thus, the next requirement would be proof that the student or their family members who are aiming to come to Canada with them would be able to pay such tuition fees. In addition, visa processing fees are also to be given while providing a valid and current passport as another requirement for the application for a student permit.


In the end, studying abroad can open a lot of doors of opportunities for many — thus, applying for any foreign institution should be done after proper research and a good knowledge of the requirement is to be needed.

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