The Ultimate the Payments Platform as a Service Checklist!

Don’t you want one unified account for all payments and loans? Yes, you read that correctly: one account, several financial options. If you are nodding your head up and down, which I believe you are then congratulations! You have arrived at your destination. This article will provide information related to the payments platform as a service.


Your trusted banking as a service platform, Opal is the provider of end-to-end payment solutions. Now you can send your funds, finance your business, and can transact globally with the help of Opal. For all those SMEs (Small and mid-size enterprises) for your payments solutions, your search ends at Opal, a payments platform as a service.

PPaas (payments platform as a service) is a unique payment processing approach that promises to change the industry. Imagine it as a shopping center where you can find anything you need at reasonable costs and in handy locations.

Opal Fintech Pte Ltd in Singapore is a trusted and regulated financial institution under The Monetary Authority of Singapore that provides various advantages such as

  • Access and view multiple accounts in one convenient and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Customer privacy and security, as well as transparency, are their key priorities
  • Provides services for SMEs such as Baas ( Banking as a service) and Paas ( payment as a service)
  • Provide lower fees, better FX rates, and secure cross-border transactions.
  • And the best part is that it’s 40% less expensive than banks and other financial institutions, etc.


When it comes to money, we always want to put our trust in experts who can guarantee not only transparency but also safety and security in transactions. Always trust Opal when it comes to payments platform as a service.

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