A quick guide to understanding luxury vinyl flooring in Stroudsburg

People have been using vinyl flooring for more than the last 100 years. It was invented to replace the linoleum. However, vinyl rose to fame in the early 1940s. It was due to several reasons. These included durability, ease of maintenance, affordability, versatility, etc. Even though it was designed for the kitchen and bathrooms only, vinyl planks adorn the entire house these days because it is a hassle-free choice. So, here is a quick guide on luxury vinyl flooring in Stroudsburg.


Vinyl is a viable material after PVC (polyvinyl chloride) was introduced. It is a form of artificial plastic with characteristic properties. Traditionally, the floors had vinyl sheets with several layers of PVC bonded together and covered with a designer layer. The premium quality vinyl used to have thick sheets.

These days, vinyl flooring comes in a variety of forms. These include composite tiles, sheet flooring, luxury planks, or tiles.

How to choose the vinyl material?

One can choose the material based on the following parameters.

  1. Lifetime

The lifetime of the material or its durability is the most critical factor for most people. Even if it is a bit soft, it is sturdy and lasts long.

  1. Water resistance

The traditional vinyl planks are not water-proof. However, present-day counterparts are resistant to steam, moisture, and humidity. It is the reason these planks are suitable for bathrooms as well. However, one needs to ensure a proper installation. If water seeps in through the cracks or seams, it can rapidly grow mold.

  1. Maintenance

Most types of vinyl floors are easy to maintain. A quick vacuum session or a run with a soft dry mop is enough. However, luxury vinyl flooring in Stroudsburg may need extra attention. One should be very careful with the material of the mop. They would also need to find appropriate cleaners because harsh chemicals can damage the luxury vinyl floors.

  1. Cost

Vinyl floors are one of the most affordable options. It is one of the best options for bathrooms because materials like ceramic tiles are expensive and slippery. Low-quality vinyl sheets come for as low as 50 cents. The cost may vary a little from place to place, however. One can choose expensive and pretty luxury tiles for the living room. It will balance out the overall expenses of installing vinyl flooring.

So, one should keep these factors in mind while purchasing vinyl floor material for their place.

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