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Imaging tests for diagnosing illnesses in Northern New Jersey

Among the most crucial choices, you can take is selecting a diagnosis center. You desire to be treated in a pleasant setting with helpful, competent, and approachable employees. You need a doctor who will take the opportunity to explain the whole of your options to you and who will regard you as a human, not simply a patient. In our facilities, we take great pleasure in excellent patient care. We offer the most recent medical technology, a skilled team, and secure, tried-and-true treatments. All these benefits and an easy and friendly environment for diagnosis are available only at an imaging center in New Jersey.

Our healthcare digital imaging services at ImageCare Centers are created with your needs in consideration. Inside, efficient, and pleasant clinical imaging locations, we provide the entire range of diagnostic testing services. Additionally, compared to having the same treatment done at a hospital, offsite diagnostic imaging is often far more affordable and could save you a lot of money. It’s simple to make an appointment that works with your hectic schedule because Northern New Jersey has more than 20 clinics, several of which are open soon, later, and on Weekends. You have two options for making an appointment: online or over the phone.

We have spent every penny possible to outfit our facility with the latest cutting-edge and cozy equipment available, and we are always improving to stay up with advancements in imaging techniques. Among our key services are the following:

An MRI and CT scan




Bone Density Ultrasound Scan (DEXA)

Sedation for Nuclear/SPECT

Interventional Radiology

MRI with sedation

The Leading Supplier in Greater New Jersey

Our stellar record with medical doctors is a result of our compassionate, knowledgeable staff, splitting technologies, and devoted team. Selecting us all for your medical testing has several advantages, such as:

  • Most insurance plans are accepted by us.
  • Referral doctors get true access to the patient’s pictures and reports.
  • In order to exclude deep vein thrombosis, we provide vein doppler investigations.
  • We provide DVD or CD shipping.
  • We’re open late and on weekends to assist visitors.
  • We offer MRI and CT detection conveyance.
  • For customers who self-pay, we have reasonable prices.
  • For X-Rays, we encourage passing Monday through Saturday.

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