This article is about specific SEO techniques that you can use to achieve results on the highest pages in search engines. I have written other articles on SEO, and this is just one of those articles. Now we are going to enter the business.

Use meta tags

This includes placing keywords in the meta tag field that are relevant to your article from Elasticsearch Query tutorial. It is important that keywords are related to their content and that they are popular words that people use when looking for what their publication is about. It helps to achieve high rank in organic search engine results. Key words can be words or phrases, but try to make them as short as possible if you use phrases, preferably no more than three words max.

Create compelling and valuable content

This is probably the most important part of SEO strategies. Now, if you do the rest correctly and the visitor enters your site and finds the elements that are better, what do you think will happen? It will not come again! But if he learns something remarkable, he will receive valuable information on how to solve a specific problem, he will announce it for free. Word-of-mouth advertising is free! Now imagine what you are going to do with your business. Imagine the traffic that will bring to your site. The higher the value you create in your post, the more traffic you will receive.

If you want to know if you have created valuable content in Ansible tutorial video, put yourself in the shoes of a client and ask yourself: “If I were a client, would I learn something really useful from what I wrote here? Is this what I would recommend to my friends to see? ”,

Update your publications regularly.

Updating your publication is just as important as writing valuable publications. Why? If people access your page through useful posts, they will be delighted. The next time they come back and continue to see the same old posts they read, why should they keep coming back? Without publishing new content, he indirectly tells his visitors that he has no new ideas, that he has nothing new, that he has ceased to learn. I don’t need to tell you what will happen to your site and your business when people start to have such an impression on you. In other words, this is not enough to create a good first impression; You must maintain a good reputation so that your readers are interested in you.

Innovative cloud computing services

While the world is preparing for several advances in computer technology, Josh Butikofer, architect of Adaptive Computing Solutions Architect, presents his views on the development and future of cloud computing by 2012. Some of his predictions include the following:

  • The industry will change the pilot and POC into private transformation clouds.
  • Cloud providers, especially small organizations, may experience shocks
  • The Asia Pacific region will be the successor to cloud deployments.
  • a blast cloud will appear

Along with data center operations, such as data center consolidation and virtualization, the modern business landscape has also led to other IT trends. It is expected that due to additional financial pressure from companies in 2012, real production will be deployed in the main organizations providing financial services. Between 2010-2011 A series of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds was performed for experiments with the amount of workload that the data center can transfer.

SEO strategies

Conversion clouds are configured to gradually change the entire data center to the cloud. This will be one of the most current trends that will appear in 2012. This is more true as organizations gradually realize that the time for evaluation has passed. Therefore, companies will act quickly to save millions of dollars a year.

Therefore, the main IT players acted in accordance with these trends in Weka software tutorial. Considering that Green IT is one of the main objectives of 2012, IT companies specializing in cloud computing services are making every effort to develop as partners in cloud computing. The services offered by these companies help their customers deploy Cloud by providing performance appraisals and translating them into appropriate cloud environments such as private, public or hybrid. The cloud computing services portfolio includes the following:


  • Developing strategies in the cloud
  • Evaluation of infrastructure and workload


  • Risk assessment and compliance.
  • Evaluation of the IT process service.
  • Design and integration of private cloud systems.
  • EPaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service)

Implementation and migration

  • Application migration services.
  • Implementing the ITIL process from multiple vendors.
  • Implementing control and risk compliance.

Monitoring, management and support

  • Cloud Management Platform
  • monitoring and management
  • Service catalog, control panel, reports.